Story of the brand


The story of DELAROM began in 2009, when the BENET family decided to launch a third cosmetic brand. A brand whose philosophy is centered on aromatherapy and which wishes to offer all the treasures of nature at the service of beauty “from nature to beauty”. Indeed, its founders quickly understood the extraordinary power of essential oils with their hydrating, anti-aging, toning, purifying properties and proven efficacy.


The BENET family has over 40 years of expertise in the cosmetic field. More than a vocation, it is a passion for cosmetics and aromatherapy that drives them. With its own laboratory, the development of each formula is validated by the founders, and the production of our products is done entirely in France and respecting high quality standards. DELAROM offers several ranges of products for the face and body and well-being. Our products are also available in different textures (creams, balms, oils, aromas, serums …) according to the needs of our customers.


DELAROM also tries to step in other fields than cosmetics such as sport, by supporting sports associations. In addition DELAROM is involved in solidarity actions such as Cap Femina and is the sponsor of many films such as “Under the same roof” in 2017 or “Samba” in 2014.


Gel démaquillant yeux


Satisfaction of our customers is DELAROM’s first priority. We are aware that each skin requires different care and use our expertise in cosmetics at the service of consumers’ personal skin. Our beauty consultants will always be there to listen to you and will be able to advise you. In addition DELAROM is the recognized efficiency of an exceptional product line for the face and body, using unique patented technologies combining science and nature. We use new molecules from biotechnology associated with the powers of essential oils to make our products as effective as possible.


Respect for the environment is one of the brand pillars. We use 0% ingredients of animal origin and our products are not tested on animals. We even go further by using recyclable packaging. DELAROM respects the environment through a quality and efficiency charter for all of its cosmetic products: eco-certifiable preservatives, vegetable and essential oils and ingredients of plant origin. Our commitment therefore makes our products efficient while remaining respectful of nature.

Gel démaquillant yeux


Our products are also respectful of your skin, since they are composed only of ingredients of natural origin. Indeed our products are free of paraben, phenoxyethanol, silicone and mineral oils. We focus on the benefits of essential oils and use antioxidant complexes of 100% pure essential and vegetable oils to strengthen the skin’s natural defenses. DELAROM combines science and nature by selecting for you plants and flowers with the best possible cosmetic properties.


Today DELAROM, it’s sixty different products, a presence in more than 250 selective points of sale in France and in more than 15 countries abroad. We always go further in our respect for the environment as well as in research and innovation to be up to the new requirements / expectations of our consumers and current challenges.